Photo by Allan Arbus

Photo by Allan Arbus

Why the name Diane Ourbus?

Diane Arbus was a photographer in the 40s and 50s known for photographing marginalized members of society and those considered to be outside the social norm. Her work inspired Zac while he received his BFA in photography. As a tribute to her and the inspiration Zac has taken from her, we named the bus Diane. Plus its punny so...


About Diane Ourbus


We want to travel. A lot. And what better way to travel than to take your home with you wherever you go?

A lot of things led to us making this change, but it all comes down to living minimally, having fewer things,  more experiences, and creating lasting memories. This all culminated in winning an auction for a 1998 International AmTran Genesis school bus that we now affectionately call Diane Ourbus after the famous photographer.

We needed a bus that could fit in our driveway (so we could work on her), had as much living room as possible for the length (thus the flat nose), had a reasonable number of miles/hours, extra headroom, a solid engine and transmission, good overall condition, and most importantly,  we needed a bus that was affordable.

After several failed Craigslist tire kicks, a couple dealerships, and one near devastating trip to Phoenix, we won an auction for a 1998 International AmTran Genesis.

The auction process was extremely easy. Two days after placing the winning bid we drove our new home-to-be to our home-right-now and presto: we were bus owners.

Check out our blog here for updates & follow us on instagram for lots of conversion process pics.

For those that are interested, here’s what she has going on under the hood:

International DT466 7.6L Mechanical Diesel Engine

Allison MT643 Transmission

165k miles

Air Brakes

Over 31k lb GVWR

19 Passenger Rated Capacity

31ft. Long w/ handicap extension