The Dogs HATE the Bus

We have been weighing the pros and cons of towing a vehicle behind the bus for a long time.  We finally tested the dogs in the bus while cranking it and took a short ride around the block and our suspicions were confirmed... they HATED it.

That made the choice much easier because their comfort is so important to us so we bought a new (to us) vehicle that I (tiff) will drive behind the bus.

-----Pros of driving separate vehicles-----

- the dogs will be more relaxed

- the car we chose has great safety ratings, tiff will have airbags

- tiff can scout campsites

- tiff can help keep an eye on the bus while in transit

- proper air conditioning in the Subaru

- tiff sometimes gets car sick as a passenger

- if something falls in the bus during travel, it can't hit a puppy

- save money of the installation of a tow package

- won't need to unhook/re-hook the toad

- expanded vehicle make/model options since we aren't towing

- alone time for both of us (I mean, we like each other a lot but everyone needs some "me time")


-----Cons of driving separately-----

-putting miles on a car unecessarily

-more fuel costs (probably)

- tiff doesn't like to drive

- because zac will be in the bus alone, if something moves/falls during travel, not one can fix it.


Anyway, we hated to put the puppies through that stressful test but it was something we needed to see.  I really think this is the best choice for us and we could always change up our system later.  What do you guys think?

Zac Henderson1 Comment