Feeling the Itch- and the Heat

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You guys... we're feeling it. 

Sitting here at home on a Saturday afternoon watching Youtube, working, and dreaming of setting sail in August... Its almost unbearable. We've been waiting to get on the road for so long and these last couple months are probably going to bring out the worst in our impatience. 

Diane is currently in the shop for a once-over. We've driven her more than usual recently and noticed that the engine temp is starting to get to 210º. From a bunch of research we've done online we've read that the DT466 shouldn't get to 210º too often, if ever. However, our mechanic seems to think that 210º isn't too bad. Which is it? No one seems to know definitively, at least that we can find. However, there's no shortage of people online throwing around conflicting numbers left and right with crazy amounts of confidence, which helps absolutely no one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Another annoyance we're dealing with related to heat is that we've never heard the huge fan kick on. Apparently it screams louder than a bat out of hell, but we've never heard anything like that. Everyone we talk to says that we should absolutely hear it kick on when the engine gets too hot. But what's too hot? Is 210º too hot? Is 215º too hot? 220º? 225º? Since we've never heard it kick on we don't know if its working. And apparently the only way to engage the fan (or even test it!) is to get the engine hot enough for it to kick on. (And no one we've talked to has a definitive answer as to what temp it should kick on). 

This makes me (Zac) particularly nervous because getting the engine too hot could basically ruin it, resulting in a (very) costly repair, but in order to test the fan we have to get the engine hotter than we've yet had it (because our mechanic can't apparently tell us if its working). Kinda feels like damned if we do, damned if we don't. 

However, we're likely babying the engine. We want to take care of it and have it last as long as possible, and not having any experience with diesels is likely contributing to our hesitation regarding testing... 

Regardless, we'll feel better about it all once we get her back in the driveway so we can finish the build. Next up is plumbing the grey tanks, adding a cold water bypass to the shower, and building the bed. 

So. Ready. To. Be. On. The. Road. 

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