Skoolie Title and Tag

We made a post about the requirements in Colorado for getting your title changed over to “Motorhome” here. After a lot of research and phone calls, we knew what we had to do, this is how we did it . . .

First, we needed insurance.  We called State Farm although we were almost certain we wouldn’t be able to get the insurance until we had first changed the title over.  This was creating a kink for us because we needed a new temp tag to be able to get the inspections needed to update the title . . . but we needed insurance to get a temp tag.

We spoke with a State Farm rep who sounded concerned when we first told her we needed insurance for a converted motorhome.  Her response was ” . . . a school bus conversion ?. . . (long pause) . . okaaaaaayyy”.  Her tone did not inspire confidence.  Fortunately, as the conversation proceeded and she got more details about our build, she started sounding much more positive.  She asked for photos of the inside and outside by email (shown above), and within 48 hours, we had insurance!!  We defnitely recommend State Farm for anyone out there looking to insure their skoolie.



Now that we had insurance, we needed to go get our temp tag!  Longmont is very interesting to me because the tag/title office is super efficient and always friendly.  Didn’t think that was possible!  Anyway, we were in and out in less than 20 minutes with our new temporary!  The catch is, this time it is only good for TEN DAYS.

So, we had to act fast!



We were happy to finally stretch the bus’ legs and get some more fuel.  She cranked up perfectly and we were off!  This was a good test of our furniture’s security. Everything was in place and rode well with the small exception of the kitchen.  It swayed a little when we would stop so I think we will be custom building one from scratch.



Next on the checklist, get our bus weighed.  We went to Midwest Materials in Longmont and they were super friendly and very interested in Ourbus. We drove her up onto the scale and she weighs a whopping 16,480 pounds!  Fortunately, our Gross Max Vehicle Rating is over 31,000 pounds.


Then Emissions Test

We made an appointment at a local heavy duty diesel emissions testing station, Al’s Front Range Diesel Emissions who we HIGHLY recommend.


They tested Diane Ourbus and she did way better than expected!  I think they were even a little shocked with the smoke opacity performance considering the age and size.  We had our first problem, however . . . the check engine light would not come on.  Fortunately, this is the only reason we failed this time around.

Next up, VIN verification

These guys are able to complete the VIN verification too.  Yay! But now we had another problem . . .  apparently we lost the VIN sticker!  They looked all over for it with no luck so we must have removed it or even worse, painted over it!!! So obviously, this part could not be completed yet.

I had this sneaking suspicion that I had removed the VIN and stored it “somewhere safe”.  But where?  Haha.  Lucky for us, I got home and looked for all of 5 seconds and it was exactly where I imagined. (HUGE sigh of relief!)

So I reinstalled it above the driver’s area.  We still had to find someone to fix our check engine light before our temp tag expires this week in order to go back for round two!

Fixing that Check Engine Light

So we were unable to find anyone who would fix our issue before our temp tag expired. Bummer. Back to square one.

Emmisions and VIN Verification: ATTEMPT # 2

Fast forward 4 months.  We were finally ready to try again.  We got another temp tag (this time it was only good for 2 days.)  We made an appointment at the diesel mechanic.  We took in Diane and prepared for the worst.  When we went back to pick her up, we were pleasantly surprised to find out everything checked out.  There was a hang up though.  They were still unable to fix the check engine light!  Why?!  Because it doesn’t have one.  Because our bus has the MECHANICAL DT466 engine, it literally doesn’t have a check engine light.  Meaning we could have been legal this whole time.  Ugh.  It was still good news though.  The mechanic made a quick call to the emissions testing place and when we went back in, everything went swimmingly. Vin verification. Check. Emissions test. check!

I think we’re ready!  Fingers crossed!!!!


Statement of Fact

Next we had to fill out a statement of fact declaring that it is indeed a motorhome (and NOT a commercial vehicle).  We went int to the Tag/Title office, gave the lady all of our perfectly organized paperwork… and after several moments of intense anticipation watching her run all over the office, asking her supervisors about the requirements for this strange request, she sat back down and she gave us our tag!!!

I never thought I would be so excited about a tag.  I’ll admit it.  I danced. A lot.

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