Skoolie Storage Solutions

This weird area above the windows has been giving u trouble for some time.  We have this strange welded-in triangle shape that makes completing the ceiling wood all the way down to the window impossible, plus we need to hide/house the cables that run down the length of the bus.

Originally, we had decided to keep the white metal housing  that came with the bus.  This was a nice looking solution but after a while we decided that this space was too valuable to leave storage-less.  We didn’t like the idea of upper cabinets that come out far and intrude on visual space right at eye-level so we decided to build a very shallow shelf with a lip.

However, we were still left with the problem of how to hide the insulation and cabling.  We toyed with ideas of a curtain.

For kicks, I made a cardboard mockup (see pictures below) to see if a file folder type box would work.  Once the template was created, we decided we liked the idea enough to give it a try!  Fortunately, we were able to use a lot of our scrap wood pieces the create the 15 boxes that we think we store a lot of stuff!

We will need to come up with some sort of solution to keep the boxes from rattling around (or falling) while in motion but for now, I am just happy to not have to look at the insulation any more!

Tell us what you think!  Thanks for reading 

Zac HendersonComment