Inatalling Wall Studs in Our Skoolie

Zac was away for most of the weekend on a business trip but I didn’t want that to slow us down!  I did some research, headed to Lowe’s, got my materials + a high five from the cashier and hurried home to get started.

I watched a great video by Reeses on Recess about how he installed wood studs in his bus.  I followed it pretty closely with a few amends.

The supplies I needed for this were:

  • 2x4s (which are actually 1.5″ thick, I learned)
  • 1.5″ thick rigid foam board
  • wood to metal screws
  • a good cobalt drill bit for pilot holes
  • A kreg jig

Watch the video to see how it went!  It took a lot of umph to drill into that thick steel and I had to take breaks often.  Once Zac was back from his trip, things moved much faster!

Now we have a great support system to secure heavy furniture/appliances into the walls and we’ll also be drilling into our subfloors (thats coming next) and taking advantage of that white steel lip for even more anchoring options!

Let me know if you have questions!  This is how we did it, not necessarily how YOU should do it but I’m happy to help if I can!


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