Boxing the Wheel Wells in Our Skoolie

In our effort to make the bus look somewhat presentable for the re-titling inspection, we are working on boxing in and insulating the wheel wells.

First, we framed them with 2×2’s.  Then, we wrapped the wheel well with reflectix bubble wrap insulation.  We used Great Stuff expanding canned foam to fill in the gaps.


Next (not pictured) we stuffed the negative spaces with some recycled and reclaimed denim insulation batting. Finally, we sealed off the box with plywood.  It makes a nice little temporary seating area until we build the actual couch!


We wanted to keep the curve of one wheel well for the purpose of storing firewood.  I decided to use the leftover rigid foam, score it every 3 inches, crack it, and lay it over the curvature of the wheel well.


Then I put some pieces of 2×4’s in between the foam pieces for a little extra support.  This doesn’t have to be very strong, so I figured this would be sufficient. Then we finished it off with scraps from our tongue and groove ceiling.  I really hate wasting things so I hope we will continue to be able to utilize leftover materials as we move forward.

Zac HendersonComment