Extreme Budget Grocery Shopping


In the spirit of saving as much money as possible for our bus project and in preparation for grocery shopping while living in the bus, I created an extreme grocery budget with every meal planned ahead of time and no waste.

We won’t be drastically changing our diets.  We won’t be buying meat from the grocery store and instead, saving that for when we occasionally go out with friends.  The biggest change we are making is buying less organic.  This makes me sad but I don’t intend for this to be a permanent change because I feel better about purchasing organic and local but that comes with a bigger price tag.

So the challenge: get 7 days worth of food for 2 adults (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and 2 snacks per day) for $70. (Half of our usual weekly grocery spending.)


The Plan: 

I printed off my weekly meal planner that I have been using more loosely in the past.  You can download one on my site: KudzuMonster for free.

I did some research and found some cheap easy vegetarian meals including:  Black Bean Quinoa Burritos (I make these in the crockpot, so easy! and it feeds us 4 times), Veggie stir fry (this time around, I’m using rice, carrots, onions, bell pepper, and mushrooms), Spaghetti, and Bibimbap, a favorite in our house.  I will be making 3-4 different weekly extreme budget meal plans if you want to try them out!


So came the moment of truth, did I make it out of the grocery store within my $70 budget???


I did!  $61.75 to be exact. To be fair, I already had a few items but I also got some expensive vitamins, expensive syrup for pancakes and a huge thing of coffee.  I think if you try this plan out, you will find you already have a few things so hopefully you’ll have a similar result!  Now to see if this lasts us the whole week . . . .  I’ll keep you updated.   


The above meal plan did feed us for the whole week.  Our weakness is going out to eat too often . . . so we are working on that!  I have been making a decent habit of planning each week and have made 4 distinct week plans that have all proven to be pretty yummy and very cheap.  I will upload those with links to recipes soon.

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