Baby Steps- First Stages of Planning

img_1328 (1).jpg

We are in the very beginning steps of planning our Bus RV conversion.

 I have been  researching, measuring, configuring, and reconfiguring furniture in a layout plan trying to decide what will suit our needs the best.  And we don’t even have a bus yet!  We don’t even know what the dimensions will be.  I guess I am trying to see how little space we could get away with and still be comfortable/ run our businesses without a hitch.  There are so many great resources out there of people who are kind enough to document and share their build process and travel tips!

I have also been thinking about the aesthetic design part of the bus.  (the fun part!).  


original photo by @navonejewelry on instagram. Her beautiful skoolie is painted mint with a white top.

One of the 1st things we plan to do is paint the exterior.  We know we may have to touch it up later, but we want it to look nice for our neighbors. This is a rough idea of how we may paint the exterior of the bus.  We are thinking white, coral, and turquoise.  I just edited the colors in photoshop to get a general idea.

Our biggest inspiration for design comes from  Definitely check out their build and their breathtaking photos!

We will keep you up to date on the trial and error process ahead.  I am so excited!


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