About Us

Tiffany is an illustrator and graphic designer. Zac is a photographer and writer. Together, we make up Rolling Vistas. In summer of 2016 we decided we wanted to travel more. Much more. To quench this desire, we began the planning stages of buying and converting a retired school bus into a home on wheels, capable of taking us nearly anywhere we wanted to go. Along with our two dogs, we intend to ramble across the range.




One of the main reasons we wanted to leave the homestead and blaze a trail is to see and be a part of North America’s incredible natural vistas. Staying connected with friends and family, as well as maintaining our businesses is crucial to our model for living nomadically. Coming up with a memorable brand helps to do just that.  In an effort to consolidate naming and build a cohesive online presence we came up with “Rolling Vistas” which we think is a pretty appropriate handle. 


The Crew



A little bit about me . . .  I am an illustrator/graphic designer . I love crafting and making things both digitally and by hand.  I love creative problem solving opportunities and I think this bus will be a BIG one.  I think it is very important to travel and push boundaries. I love dogs.  Maybe a little too much.  I volunteer at our local animal shelter and we also foster dogs to help them get ready to be adopted.  I obsess over animated movies, I love 80’s rock, I really enjoy cooking, and my ideal evening is kicking back with a glass of Malbec and a marathon of King of the Hill.



Photography is what occupies my mind most of the day.  When I’m not shooting, thinking about shooting, writing about shooting, or editing images I’ve shot, I’m usually hanging out with Tiff and enjoying a beer or a cigar. I’m a photographer, movie geek, tech enthusiast, writer, and educator. Tiff and I are huge Auburn football fans. I’m also obsessed with space, so pretty pumped for being able to camp in the middle of the desert for weeks at a time to just stargaze. Being in awe of a rugged landscape in front of me is what I live for.


Some History


We met in junior high school.  Zac was fresh out of homeschool and my family had just settled down in Auburn, AL after moving all over Virginia and Birmingham.  We started awkwardly chatting on AIM (throwback!) and Zac asked me out after finding out I had been accepted into an arts high school and would be leaving Auburn in a few short months. 

Turns out, I couldn’t go through with leaving Auburn.  There were a lot of reasons . . . but honestly, even as a teenager, I think I knew I had found something special.  We have been together ever since.  Like, nonstop.  I know its weird but we just work somehow.  (Lets hope so since we are planning to share less than 200 sq. feet of space). 

We did the long distance thing for a year while I took some core classes in our hometown and Zac was in Savannah.  We both graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2012.  We then moved to Atlanta, GA for work.


I was working as a designer at a greeting card company while Zac was working as a technical support specialist at a camera rental house.  We liked the work we were doing but quickly grew tired of the city.  I didn’t like that I was in my car almost 2 hours a day.  I wasn’t loving that we hadn’t managed to get out of the southeast.  I had done very little traveling and I was already feeling like a cog in the machine. Zac was feeling the woes of the grind too.  Together we decided we needed to make a big change.

We sold all of our stuff, quit our jobs, and moved to Colorado. We had decent savings, I already had an etsy business that I felt had more potential, and we both had some freelance prospects. . .  so we decided to take the plunge.

Colorado has been the best thing to ever happen to us.  She gets us outdoors, she makes us want to better ourselves, she helps us to think bigger.  We have been so inspired by the people here, the landscape, the possibilities.  We have been hiking, camping, snowshoeing, off-roading (in our impulse buy: Koopa the Trooper  – no regrets!). . . and now it is time for the next step.  We want to be more mobile. We want to explore this beautiful country and see all it has to offer.  We think that the bus will be the most cost effective way to realize this dream.




Frankie is our 7 year old cocker spaniel.  I got her as a puppy back when I was a sophomore in college.  She has been there for me through thick and thin.  She is a handful. . . she has pretty severe separation anxiety, is not always nice to strangers, sometimes piddles when she’s excited, and wakes up scared and begins to howl randomly.  Needless to say, we are a little worried about life with her in the bus. . . But all that to say, she is really my best friend and I wouldn’t trade her for the most wrinkly roly poly english bulldog puppy :). She is very very smart. maybe too smart for her own good at times. She can communicate with us pretty well and can let know what she wants.  She is very affectionate and oh so soft. She loves to hike and climb and will stay within eyesight on a trail.  She rides great in the car (until a motorcycle rides by, ha). Most of all, she is happy to be wherever I am no matter how tiny the space!



This is Tuco.  Zac and I rescued him from an overrun no-kill shelter outside of Savannah, GA in 2012.  While he has always been a sweet boy, we had a rough start with Tuco.  He nearly broke Tff's nose on several occasions.  He chewed through the carpet and the kitchen tile in our first apartment in Atlanta. And he ate my brand new leather chair literally a week after I bought it.  Don’t let that give you the wrong idea though, Tuco has turned out to be the best dog we could’ve asked for.  Honestly, many of those puppyhood incidents were likely our fault for not getting him enough exercise. Fast forward, Tuco is now 4 years old.  He is a gentle giant who loves his people and loves to cuddle.  He is mostly quiet unless he thinks there is real danger, and then he has the deepest and most intimidating bark. He LOVES to explore and splash in a creek!  Tuco is happiest when he’s outside watching squirrels with his family.